Dec 24, 2018
Southeast Texas
My first broody hen has been sitting on eggs for 3 weeks and the first eggs hatched this morning, no others have at this point. How long should I wait before I help. Should I help at all? What do I do? Please help.
How long should I let her sit on there eggs some of the eggs were deposited by my other hens insisting on laying in that box. I can get brooder to put the eggs in after that time to let them hatch if necessary.
I suggest you watch but don't bother the hen for now.
Get an incubator ready.
When she gets herself off the nest, take what eggs are left and put them in the incubator. If nothing happens in a few days, candle the eggs in the incubator to see if they're alive, and how far along they are.

And in future, try not to let a hen incubate eggs of different ages. Either separate her so the others cannot get into her nest to lay eggs, or mark the eggs you want her to hatch (pencil, sharpie, etc), and check every day to remove any extra eggs that have been laid.
So we have 3 chicks as of this morning. I have a friend with a silkie with a tendency to go broody, who offered to let her sit on the extras if there are any.

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