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May 24, 2020
So to start, I have 3 11 week old chicks that have been moved into their coop for a few weeks now, they’re doing great! I also have 2 Pekin ducklings that are 5 weeks old(I do not know the sex of either). I had to move the ducks to the coop because they were creating a huge mess in our sunroom, and they are big enough now to where the chicks won’t attack them for being small. Well, I have had them all in the coop and run for about 2 hours with a heat lamp inside and the first 1.5 hours went great! But now, I have one Pekin duckling that is attacking my chickens from behind when they come anywhere near it and it’s sibling! What do I do? Is this male behavior? What is causing it to attack them like that? It’s like it’s trying to pull the feathers off of my girls. It was my understanding that ducks and chickens can live together peacefully given they have enough room, which they do. What do I do?


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Jul 16, 2015
I would separate them with a fence. After a few weeks they may get along better, and they may not, but for now they are still young, and they need to get used to each other without being able to go after each other.

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