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Dec 16, 2020
I really need help. I am hatching my first batch of chicks in the bater. They were on day 25 so I candled them and none of them were moving or making noise. I wanted to see what may have went wrong so I chipped a little of the air cell away and the entire cap came off. To my surprise the chick moved inside. She/He is not ready to hatch there are still veins and I see yellow. I think she may be positioned wrong. I cannot tell. I am keeping the membrane moist and watching. It has been 24 hours and she is still moving. I am not sure what if anything I can do at this point. I have left the other 3 eggs alone. This is a brand new bater. All I can figure is maybe the thermostat is off and it slowed the hatch? Please can anyone help. I do mot want to think I accidently murdered this poor baby. I would have
e never done this if I did not think this baby had already died and the entire hatch.
:welcome I'd place saran wrap over the opening to hopefully save the chick. Your temps must be very low or your timing is off. Good luck.
I moved your thread over to our Incubation forums for more help. Good luck!

-BYC Staff
:welcome I'd place saran wrap over the opening to hopefully save the chick. Your temps must be very low or your timing is off. Good luck.
Thank you. I will do it. My timing is correct. I marked the calendar, the White board, and set a reminder in Alexa. I am wondering if the thermostat in the incubator is off. I have ordered extra thermometers.
I recommend you test your incubator when you get a chance for accuracy.
I def will be. I have ordered extra thermometers and hygrometers. I really never ever thought to check the temp or thermostat as it was a brand new bater. This is my first hatch, and I bought practice eggs. Only 4 of 9 made it to lockdown. Now I have no clue how long to keep going. I do not want to open the other eggs. None if them are showing movement either when candled. I am kind of at a loss at this point. I know my efforts with this chick may be futile, but I need to try. She/he is still moving around in the membrane, and I am just keeping it moist. It is still intact.
Your temperatures must have been way off. That is not a chick anywhere near full development. What day did you start them?
November 21. That is what I was afraid off, and also what I thought. I just got in new thermometers and it is reading 95 degrees...i upped it 2 degrees this morning when people were saying it must be the temperature. Which would mean it was running about 93. Is there anything that can be done or should I scratch the hole hatch, and spend a week calibrating the temp? This was a brand new incubator so I never ever thought to double check the temp with several different thermometers.
New thermometers and hygrometers came today. The incubator is way off like many of you suggested. The temp is 7.4 degrees lower than the setting, and the humidity is 30 percent higher than the setting. That means the temp has been around 90 degrees to 92 degrees and the humidity has been at 90 and 99 percent. So, sadly I am.assuming I need to scratch this hatch as their development has been messed up. If that is the case I will disinfect the incubator and let it run for a week or two to see how I need to set things for a proper hatch.....

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