May 4, 2020
So I posted last night about a lethargic chicken. The vet says she is fine except she is severely malnourished. Apparently someone is bullying her and not allowing her to eat which probably means others are having the same problem. I have 14 chickens and a huge feeder that holds 50 pounds. They have plenty of room inside and outside. Can anyone give me advice?
The vet told me to separate her for a couple weeks to let her build strength but I’m worried that will just worsen the problem when she gets back
What does your run look like? Did he check for worms?

Adding hidden feeders, places where a bird eating at the main station cannot see a bird eating at a hidden station. I as a rule of thumb, have a hidden station for about every 5 birds. And I always have at least two. It doesn't have to be elaborate, just a board, a mini wall a box, up on the platform. Just out of sight of the others. These are not 50lb feeders, they are just a pile of feed poured into a bowl or plate.

Mrs K
He did a stool sample. The run is enclosed with hardware mesh and a tin roof and is attached to
The coop. Around the run there is another fenced area enclose with chicken wire. The coop is 6x8 and the outdoor space is about 18x24 or so. There are lots of logs and things to climb on. I am planning on putting out extra feeders and bout a small coop with fence under to put next to the big one so I don’t have to completely reintroduce her again and risk them
Picking on her more. The weird thing is she seemed fine until
Yesterday. Tonight she’s in the garage and seems really weak and is having trouble standing. Im
Wondering if she got a hurt leg or rib or something too but the vet didn’t mention that
You know, you might just loose her. Almost sounds like a genetic defect to me. Is she approaching full size (5-6 months) because sometimes when the body gets that big, the mistake is enough that they cannot support life.

Might not be your fault at all, just might not be able to live.

Mrs K
I sure hope not. She’s my daughters favorite. . She walked around apparently after i left her. She is 8 months old. She was showing interest in the nest boxes and last night pooed what looked like solid egg white. He gave me a supplement to give her. We will keep trying

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