In the Brooder
Sep 8, 2020
Help...Please...I am being held captive by my chickens....they don't know I have my phone yet and I am in the corner of their coop all alone. I hope they don't come back anytime soon. They are angry, they have currently taken over my entire family. My children no longer love me, their only mother is my hens. My husband is in love with my chicken named Bertha, I am nothing anymore. They have torn me apart emotionally and now I don't even know who I am. Am I real? Am I a chicken in denial? I've lost all sense of the outside world. All I know is chicken poop and chicken coop. I think I am just a chicken....cluck.....cluck.....
Welcome to a world where we all serve our Chicken Overlords. Frankly we could all do worse, bauk bauk & a flapping wing salute.

Now, go and get them a treat. And make it snappy or they'll tell you what they think... loudly!

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