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    Feb 24, 2009
    I am new here and pretty new to chickens in general. so I want to hatch some eggs what do I need to do? I have a broody hen that almost never leaves the laying box so I think that will be good for a try. How many eggs should I leave her ? After marking the eggs do I need to turn them every day? I would be very thankful for any help with this. Thanks

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    [​IMG] The broody will turn them herself. I can tell you that other chickens are going to get behind her and lay eggs for her to hatch. They will push them under her. Soooo.... if you don't want 14 chicks running around, seperate her! [​IMG] I learned that the hard way! We finally marked ours and then checked everyday for the unmarked ones. But the broddy will take care of everything else. If she is a normal size bird I am sure she can handle 8-10 just fine under her.

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