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    My Cochin Banty just hatched her first batch. She hatch 3 large sized chicks. Two weeks ago I hatched 2 banties and 2 hybrid chicks in my incubator(another broody abandoned them after 2 weeks sitting). I'm wondering if I can give them to her to raise? The 2 week old banties are the same size as her new babies but they have feathers on their wings and the 2 hybrids are bigger with wing feathers too. I've been keeping the 2 week olds in an aquarium in the house with a desk light and can continue that until the grow up but I'd rather my Banty raise them... Should I give them all to her or just the banties, as they are the same size as her babies? How should I do this? This is my first time with broodies. Any ideas and opinions are welcome.

    Thanks [​IMG][​IMG]
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    I have no experience, but couldn't you just try and see how she reacts? It seems like she would reject or accept pretty fast and if you were watching you could take them away if it wasn't going well.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I gave them to her last night and today she is loving them. I thought maybe they were to old. But every thing's OK. When I walk up to the chicken tractor they all run for cover under her and she make 'purring' noises to them. It's the cutest thing ever! I love my broody she is a great mother!!! [​IMG]
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    That is a sweet story.Thanks
    I love hearing Mom's talking to their babaies [​IMG]

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