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    Mar 13, 2012
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    So i have been raising ducks, and have hatch my duck plucky.... But I have a few questions in regards to silkies, i found a pair and now my hen is broody which is fine and could not have happened at a better time, I am at day 18 of my Incubating 8 silkie eggs all are fertile and doing great.... But i would like to know if it is safe or ok to put them under my broody hen????? Cause in with my silkie eggs I also have 8 ducks eggs which too are all doing great, but they take alittle longer 28 days to be exact. so they have another week after this Friday. My eggs are due to hatch on Friday and once they start hatching it is recommended not to open the incubator......So i need some advice Please any suggestion would be great!!!!!!
    Thank you
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    A day or so after the first chick hatches, a broody will abandon any unhatched eggs to raise the chicks. So you could put any eggs under her that are due to hatch at the same time.

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