7 Years
May 16, 2012
Something has been killing my chickens and ducks for about a month but not all at once:( on the first something killed my Ancona duck while she was sitting on nest and it ate her eggs plus it killed two hens... Nothing has messed with them again until Saturday 12th when I woke up on mothers day I found feathers and blood two of my drakes had been killed, however I found ones remains but not the others. Last night something killed my favorite rooster whom I've had for four years and he's always roosted on top the fly pen never an issue before and there were feathers but no blood and no remains. I'm confused as to what it could be when the scene is left differently each time:( I plan to stay awake thru the night tonight and see if I can catch it. Live traps aren't an option because I have cats that seem to like getting caught :( any suggestions??? I just incubated and hatched out a whole new set of chicks ducks and turkeys and my geese are hatching today and I would really love to stop this animal before I turn them out...
I'm sorry to hear about your losses. It can be tough to foil a predator especially raccoons. I have used a live trap (not a kill trap) and when I get a cat I just release it. We added electric wire to our pen, too.
The beauty of live traps is that you can readily release non target species. If coons are your problem, eggs or marshmallows can be used as bait. Neither are particularly attractive to cats.
It is probably a racoon or fox that is your culprit. Live traps are an option but it will have to be a larger one if it is a fox. A game cam would also be useful if you have one or can get one. Good luck.

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