7 Years
Nov 4, 2012
I have a big Brama that went broody tried everything so a friend gave me 12 duck eggs for her to sit on. We woke up this morning and three have hatched so far!!! Looks like more are coming, Never done this before what do we need to do? is she going to suffocate them? should I take them away from her? Help!!! Would like to see these cute little guys live!!! I live In Colorado temps are suppose to drop tonight should I move mom and babies in house??? She has a heat lamp on her now. I'm going to let nature take its course until I get the correct info!!! THANKS.
I would not put any heat on them, momma will keep them warm. I saw some where on this site that a man had done an experiment he heated 1/2 of his new brood and didn't heat the other half, he said that the half that was not heated feathered out much faster and adjusted to the cold much better than the heated half and in the spring don't forget to get them a wading pool and get in and show them how to swim, lol, you need to post pics.

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