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    Dec 25, 2012
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    Ok so I have eggs that are finally hatching. 2never finished pipping, one has but it's walking on the ankle joint, and when we try to straighten the legs, they aren't going straight, and the feet aren't responding.

    This is my first hatch, and it hasn't been very successful so far. The hatches are 25 days now, and I still have three waiting to pip. Help!!!!
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    Sorry to hear about your problems. Have a look here:

    And if your chicks have a problem hatching here's a great guide on how to assist:

    For the overdue eggs, candle them to see if the beak is in the air sac, if not hold them against your ear and tap the shell with your fingernail. You should hear the chick respond. If it doesn't respond, carefully make a little hole in the fat end of the egg, just big enough so you can see inside and wet the membrane with a Q-tip. Check if the chick is moving when you touch the membrane.

    Best of luck!
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    x2 [​IMG]
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    Feb 1, 2013
    If your chick are just now hatching the 25th day, your incubator temperature has been to low, no matter what the thermometer said. Low temperature creates problems with chick development, such as you describe. you can get a new thermometer, but you can use the one you have just be remembering that it reads low & compensate by running it 2 degrees higher the next batch of eggs & see how they come out
  5. Sparkyfam

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    Dec 25, 2012
    Fort Campbell, KY
    Thank you so much! This was a beyond depressing hatch! It was out first try, and they were on track and everything, then day 21 hit, and 22, and i helped on day 23, but it didn't make it to day 2. It was so sad. The membranes weren't dried out at all! I'm thinking it must have been like you said Bill. But that doesn't make me too happy either. I spent good money on that Brinsea, becuase it isn't supposed to have the problems of the other incubators...

    I think I'll clean it out, and run it again without eggs to see what the temp is on the inside.

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