6 Years
Apr 18, 2013
Hi! I have a problem, I have a broody hen who has been siting on her eggs for two and a half weeks. She started out siting on twelve eggs but that number has slowly dwindled down to three. When I would go to check on her there would be a egg or two missing and sometimes a cracked egg.
I think it may have been the other hens or a rat, so three days ago I moved her and her eggs to
a smaller pen on her own. The first day she sat on her eggs, but the past two days she has been down in the yard and the eggs are cool to the touch. Is it possible that the chicks are still alive? What did I do wrong?


11 Years
Apr 21, 2010
NW South Dakota
You may not have done anything wrong, but it's possible that moving her caused her to quit being broody. Some hens can be snapped out of broodiness fairly easily, and others are very determined. It's also possible that she knew the remaining eggs were duds, so gave up on them. You can try candling the eggs to see if there's any sign of life in them, but if she's been off the nest for 2 days, odds are those eggs aren't going to hatch.

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