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Apr 14, 2013
I have 12 new hampshire chicks and three are four of them started to get black spot on there beak not a open sore are anything and i also looked at pics of pox and i dont think thats what it new to this site so im trying to post pics
To post a pic, look at the bar that is at the top of the reply content. (on the left should be "source", and then "normal" anyway, on the far right (not directly) , there is a very small pic of a house. If you click on that, it will ask you if you want to upload files. Click that, and look through your photos. double click on the photo you want. It will load, and when its done loading, click submit. Hope this helped. If it was unclear what i meant, just say so, and i will try to explain better. I don't know what a black spot would mean, but i'm sure a pic would help :)
so you know when you click "reply" the box you type in pops up? there is a blue outline around the box i am typing in right now. so, in the blue outline, at the top is where you decide if your text is centered, where you see the bold, italics, and underline symbols, etc. anyway, the source thing doesn't matter, just trying to show u where it was. above where u type, there is a very small (maybe half centimeter by half centimeter) box. look for the paperclip symbol, its right next to that 2 spaces to the left. You can see the faint outline of a house (looks like a landscape) click on that. I explained everything else in last thing. Hope this helps (hard 2 explain)
i was on my phone thats y i was haveing trouble..thanks for the help
It looks like it might be a natural coloring that's developing, though I don't know if New Hampshires get dark colored beaks. Is the black spot soft, or does it smell bad?

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