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    Jul 26, 2014
    Ok so I'm very new to this website... But I made an account because I needed answers. My 4 year old Rhode Island Red hen Brownie is egg bound I'm afraid. I don't think the egg is broken, but I can feel the shape of the egg. I've givin her antibiotics for infection and Tums because they have calcium in them and I read that's good for hens trying to pass and egg. And I also tried just reaching up I'm side her to see if I can work the egg out. I can feel the shape of the egg but not the actual egg. So I don't think I could brake it. Well I could but then I couldn't get it out because I wouldn't be able to get it out... Please help me I've lost a couple birds to egg binding and my flock seems to be getting less and less... It's really sad please help me out thanks
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    Sorry this is what brought you to the forum. You might get a better response in the Emergencies Section if you repost there. I can be of no help, because this is not something I have ever experienced.
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    Jul 26, 2014
    thanks so much! I'm really new to this and I didn't think anybody would even see this. But how does this work? Anybody can see what I ask right?
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