8 Years
Apr 11, 2014
i have free range chickens too one of the older hen went over the fence and was gone,i didnt find andy feathers so i dont know what happened to her, then today when i was outside feeding my chickens they were all there but i came out a couple of hours later and one of my hen was gone i didnt heat any cackling like some thing was after them it was the little bannie that is white with feathers on her feet. the other chickens are acting like nothing happened they are not scared or anything so i dont know what happened to them but the older hen has been missing since last wednesday so i think she is gone but i am worried about the little bannie
Sorry for your losses. I would keep your flock in their coop / pen for a few days, as whatever took the other two now knows where to go for free meals, so it will be back. If you don't have a fence around the area that they free range in, you may need to do that, or the attacks will probably continue. If you have access to a trail camera, set that up to watch the area. If you know what you are up against, you have a much better chance of defending the flock.

Good luck!

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