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  1. Sabina

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    Mar 8, 2014
    I have one black hen with one chick which is about a month now but they have drifted apart now (they are not very close anymore) and recently my other golden hen has 4 chicks which hatched a week ago, but the black hen attacks the golden hen and bites/pinches the other chicks. all the time the black hen races after them to snatch away their food and bites all of them. she nearly strangled one of the chicks by the neck aswell. they just do not get along! the golden hen says nothing yet, the black hen is still being a bully. ive already separated them when they sleep but this is happening constantly during the day what shall i do, any advice?
  2. chicmom

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    Feb 24, 2009
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    I would round up those babies and keep them separate until they're much larger. Or maybe you could round up all the babies and just find a new home for that agressive black hen.
  3. pjquail

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    Aug 7, 2014
    Ditto. Keep those babies separated from that hen! I'm not any type of expert at this, but if the black hen doesn't really nurture their chick anymore, than it sounds like shes not a very good mother, and also very territorial and won't share. [​IMG]I would also recommend either finding a new home for her, or if that's out of the question, than JUST keep her for egg-laying.
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    We see it as being a bully, to the animals it's just being the boss. Most of the time the broody momma won't let anyone mess with her babies, but the gold hen must have been the omega and just won't stand up tot he black. In a natural setting, she's possibly kill the gold hen's chicks, therefore ensuring more food and resources for her own offspring. Since we don't like the natural order of things when we keep domestic animals, you'll probably just need to keep her separate until the gold hen's chicks are old enough to run and hide from her. It will probably take a few weeks.

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