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May 4, 2015
Reno Nevada
I have a hen that I had to pull away from other chickens because of her being picked on. She was really thin and I fed her all sorts of protein to get her to eat plus layer feed to get her back from the grave. Now that she is outside, still recovering, she won't eat her feed and pacing the fence, she still hasn't grown back all her feathers and I don't want her to go back with the other hens til I know she is well and eating. She doesn't look sick, just won't eat her feed, I don't want to continue to feed her treats like eggs, meal worms, etc, I want her to eat chicken feed! I'm so frustrated and don't know what to do? If she doesn't eat, I'm sure she will die!
Welcome! Chickens are social critters, and aren't meant to be alone. She's very stressed, aside from whatever else is going on, and needs a friend. She is also very likely to have issues when reintroduced to the flock. Can she be in the pen in a cage, or next to the pen? Can you add a flock mate or two to her pen? Cut way back on the goodies, and if she's actually healthy, she'll start eating her flock raiser. Mary
She paces with the flock too and they attack her :( not sure what to do, she's crazy. I keep trying to reinterduce her! Not sure what to do! I think she wants to free range. She was fine alone in garage but I don't want to keep her in there. She's really weird, she also lets them peck her as she has her head through a hole because she wants out. She's not a normal chicken! She could care less to have a chicken with her. Thank you for your advice! I will keep trying to put her with the other chickens. Hopefully with new henhouse and pen, it will work.
Thank you for your input. I decided to give my hens to a lady who free ranges them 100%. I'm starting over. Any tips on how to introduce older hens to a batch that grows up together (I inherited 4 older hens, still laying) And can a rooster eat layer feed with hens, I've heard that they require different nutrients? I'm going to have a rooster with my new batch of chicks. I have one of my rhode islands not laying at all, it's been almost a month since the move. Thank you for your time! I appreciate it. :eek:)

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