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May 11, 2015

Breed and gender please

Thank you for your help
That looks like a Red Broiler to me. The bird seems far too light/orange to be sold as a Rhode Island Red, even from a hatchery. Legs are awful thick for a sex link pullet.

Hard to guess gender, but if that is the broiler, I would lean pullet. If Production Red, I'd probably lean cockerel.

Was the white one from a different batch?
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That's my leghorn. we got several birds one day including leghorns. Then went back the next day and picked up some broilers Rhode Island Reds and red sex links. When I got those three kinds home they were all very similar in coloring I couldn't remember which bird was which
The one that is larger than every else is your broiler. The Rhode Island Red will have solid red feathers, no white at all. A chick with red feathers and some white feathers is your sexlink pullet.

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