7 Years
May 1, 2014
My blue andelusion is dying out of nowhere. I just cleaned the coop yesterday and she was fine. Saw her this morning, fine. Now on death's door. No egg today. She is gaping and passing out. Barely has heartbeat. Cold pale crest. What do I do??? Have her under a heat light now. My kids are freaking out and trying to comfort her.
I was trying to check, and mixing up the antacid in case...but it was too late. I did't feel an egg either. What would come on so fast? She was fine this morning. Eating veggie scraps at 1:30, then dead by 8:00pm. :-( We are all crying over here.
Oh no

I had one fine all day and at roost, she was so ill by morning she could hardly stand and was dead by 830am.

I had her body immediately tested to find out what I was dealing with in case the rest of my flock was in danger.

Turns out she had had e coli before I had her, and no longer had it, but it chewed up her body, leaving her lungs weak, and spleen damage and gout. So while she looked and acted for the week I had her, she was actually dying.

I hope you can figure out what happened.
You can have them tested? I don't think we even have a vet in our area that sees chickens. Weird thing is her sister died 2 months ago out of the blue too. I am wondering if there was something genetic going on there? The rest of the flock has been fine. (As far as I know.) Fingers crossed. Both Blues were one year old. We had them since 3 days old.

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