helped my chciken pip please help me!!!!!!!!!


8 Years
May 24, 2011
helloo i piped after 23 days of incubation the chick is breathing but not trying to peck out how long do i give until i completely help the baby he take up the whole egg except the egg sack his buddy died in egg 2 days ago so i know from opening that egg its ready so how long should i give her before i should step in
Even if you help it get out out of the egg there is a chance it may not be strong enough to make it. If something happened such as a humidity problem it I would understand, but if it isn't strong enough to get out of the egg I wouldn't help it.
yep i'm with the above poster,....but at this point I think i'd get her out,....ain't gonna matter one way or another if she aint peckin out. i'd just go for it, and either win or lose. There will be others,

good luck
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As others have mentioned, it's not good to help a chicken hatch. It will usually

do more damage than good, and if the chick is not strong enough to get out on

it's own, it's usually to weak to live. However, I have helped four chicks this year

all due to humidity/temp/ and incubator problems. It is absolutely OK to help a

chick if it's been shrink wrapped, or if you think it's stuck due to somthing you

(accidently ofcoarse) Caused (Humidity/temp. issues). You need to read up on

how to do so, because you cannot bust them out quickly, you have to slowly

pick away at the egg shell with sterile tweasers until you get the baby out, putting

it back in the incubator to warm up for 1 hour, every 15-20 minutes. So, what I'm

saying is, this could be an all day process, so be sure you actually have to time

to be there for the baby. Heres some great links. You have to scroll down a bit in

the post on the 'how to help hatch thread', but toward the bottum of the post it shows

step by step how to help a chick, and lists all tools you may need.

Helping chicks ~ (Closer to bottom of the first post in this thread)

More about helping chicks hatch


When/if you get the baby out set them in the incubator to warm up

immediatly. You can give some electrolytes or sugar water

(3 tablespoons of sugar per quart of water) Once they are ready for the brooder.

Keep us posted and good luck!
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