Helping a chick hatch (newbie question for all you experts)


9 Years
Feb 27, 2010
Hi everyone!

I'm doing a research project on hatching chicken eggs.

I've been asking a few people about their opinions regarding egg hatching. I understand that trying to help eggs hatch involves certain risks... but are there any benefits to allowing a chick to hatch by itself? For example, in addition to safety reasons (and higher chance of survival) - does the chick tend to be stronger (because of struggling) if it hatches by itself? Are there certain chemical reactions that occur during the hatching process? Is it possible that helping the chick hatch might interfere with these critical reactions?

I've read in many places that helping a chick hatch should only be done when necessary - and if done improperly (i.e. damage to the membrane) can be fatal to the chick. But do any of you know if the hatching process is beneficial to the chick (from a scientific standpoint - or from your experience)?


The Sheriff

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Jun 17, 2009
Northern CA
The biggest advantage to allowing a chick to hatch itself is that it generally knows when it is ready. You have no way of knowing if the blood in the veins has retraced and the yolk absorbed.

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