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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by juliachick, May 9, 2009.

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    My hatch started Thurs night and had 3 fully hatch by last night. Two more had pipped by early evening yesterday and this morning nothing else had happened. I had incubated one time previously but only ended up with 3 of 6 hatch and knew that all 7 had developed fully this time by my last candling. So this morning I was so afraid I was going to lose the ones that had pipped but nothing else in probably over 15 hrs that I tried to help by pulling a little shell off where they had pipped. The one I just took a tiny tiny piece off that probably didn't do anything but I could see it breathing so I stopped. The other I helped I took most of the shell off where the air cell was. It's membrane is still intact and I dampened it with a paper towel but now it's drying again. It's breathing but not even trying to push out of the membrane. My humidity has been running high on since hatch began at about 71% right now. Even after opening the incubator to take out the hatchlings and help the two pippers it went back up. Ok my question: HOW EXACTLY did those of you help that have done this?

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    My hatch started Thursday night too and it's still going. I don't recommend helping, although I have. Many times if they don't hatch on their own it's because they have issues and weren't meant to or aren't strong enough. If they aren't hatching because it's something I did (humidity too low, etc) then I will help.

    Your humidity is ok so I would recommend just leaving them be and try not to open the incubator anymore. They sound like they are right on track. They take alot of naps while hatching.

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