Helping Muscovy ducks go broody


Feb 9, 2018
Obviously not right now, but I'm in Florida and a warm Spring will be here in a few short months. What can I do to help my female Muscovy ducks to raise their own offspring? One of the reasons I chose them as my waterfowl to raise is that everyone told me they are total "mother hens". Do they like specific nesting supplies?

I was hoping they were old enough to go broody this year, but it didn't happen. They'd only been laying a 2-3 months before the cold kicked in. They'll be over one year by the time Spring hits though so I'm thinking instincts *should* begin kicking in.
I haven’t met a Muscovy duck yet that didn’t go broody when the time was right . Usually mine will start back laying in the spring and only need to lay for a short time before they are broody . So watch out before you know it you’ll be over run with Muscovy ducklings unless you practice birth control which is taking their eggs up daily. Mine are through laying for the year which is a nice break for all of us.

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