Helping my drake's favorite hen...


Chicken Lover, Duck Therapist
6 Years
Mar 11, 2017
South Park, Colorado, USA
As you know, I love my drake, and he is generally very good to his ladies. Unfortunately, my smallest duck is his favorite. She looks terrible in terms of feather condition, in a way that is almost alarming, however she eats and drinks and acts like all the other ducks, for the most part; she does sometimes try to escape the drake when he goes for her. It's to the point where I'm trying to figure out separation. I'm toying with the idea of housing the beat up duck hen with the chickens. They are about the same size and they get along. This would give her a chance to heal up some and grow some new feathers etc. Also the chickens are used to living with ducks because my mama broody chicken hen had her baby ducklings with her in the chicken coop the past 2 months, also they all range together in the larger yard most days. If I do this, is my drake likely to select a new "favorite" to breed all the time and am I going to end up with another beat up duck hen? I don't want to create a new problem. I'm thinking by the end of September everyone can play nice again for winter. Am I better off just separating the drake? I'd have to build something to do this, but it wouldn't be difficult to modify what's already there. I just don't know the best way forward and who to house with who. Any input would be appreciated.

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