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    When you are trying to help one out of a shell, I've read you all saying that if you see blood, you should stop. When you say that, do you mean a bit of blood inside the membrane?

    I have one that has been pipped (I mean, a wide hole and nothing else) since early yesterday morning. I realized that I don't *think* it's the beak that is sticking out. It looks more like a wing piece. So I tried to chip just a little of the shell off. I can see just a bit of redish pink within the membrane. I'm not sure if it's blood or something else. He's trying to come out the narrow end of the egg, too. So should I stop for a bit?

    Also, I have one that was shaking and peeping furiously but now is still and I don't feel any movement. There is no pip. Is it gone, you think?
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    The best way I find to assist is to use warm water to moisten the membrane, there's usually two parts the thick white outer one which should come off cleanly the one below it has the veins in if you can try to roll it back rather than pull it apart if you have to tear it look for a bit that's clear if at all you see the yolk is attached put it back in the incubator wrapped in a damp cloth. From experience I've found if the chick is cheeping and alert it's ready, if it's silent and not active it will most likely not make it.
    It's really up to you if you help. I've left some and regretted it when they didn't make it or if I have helped and they died I've blamed myself a bit but I figure if they're unlikely to make it on their own at least by trying I've given them a chance.
    Hope that helps, Good luck with the little ones x [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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