helpneed advice keep lousing sheep

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  1. JessicaYbarra

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    Jan 6, 2017
    help, Need advice, keep lousing sheep have dorpers keep having losses??? ive dewormed them twice this year my feed places never give me the same feed, vet said somethings whiping out their liver but told me to worm them so used valbazen but didnt bother to tell me dont giveb it to pregnant or nursing ewes and resulted in more losses, then he gave me safeguard, ive invested everything into these sheep and am waypassed spent on finances and recorses, I just dont know what to do at this point??? unsure if its copper or feed toxicity, or paracites??? Anyone have any advice??
  2. cassie

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    Mar 19, 2009
    I have heard that Valbazen may or may not cause problems with pregnant females. I personally have not found this to be true but that may not mean much. I am not sure what you mean by "lousing"? Do you mean sheep are dying or that they have lice? I have found putting louse powder along the length of the back works as well as anything to control lice.You should have some fecals done to see if they have a worm burden and if so, how bad it is. It is best to do a fecal before worming and then a second one after to see if the wormer is working. I don't remember how long after worming the second sample should be taken so ask your vet. Make sure your feed does not contain urea. According to the books, sheep and goats can tolerate urea but my personal experience suggests otherwise. Collect liver and kidney tissue samples from animals that die. You can have the tissue tested for copper and other mineral toxicities or deficiencies. You are going to have to do some checking to find out where to send your samples. I would check with Washington State University for starters if your vet doesn't know. The samples can be frozen. Have the animals been immunized with CD/T for tetanus and entertoxemia? Entero can cause sudden death. You said something about the livers. Have they been checked or treated for liver flukes? Are liver flukes a problem in your area? What about white muscle? In some areas of the country animals need to receive injections of BoSe for selenium deficiency. In other places it isn't necessary.

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