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    Sep 7, 2015
    I was going to let my girls hatch some eggs, and figured Mother Nature would know better than I.
    I had a hen sit for a few days, and then she abandoned the nest. I got sick, and my husband didn't think to gather the eggs. When I went out yesterday, I discovered a few broken eggs and 33 intact eggs in the nest. They were covered in yolk, and abandoned, so I brought them in, and rinsed them off.

    Today, I went out, and the hen was back in her nest, and wouldn't let me see if she had anything. She was quite rude about it, so i assume she is going broody again.

    What do I do with the 33 eggs? Should I give them back to her? I'm afraid some might have started developing, but I'm not sure. Would they be viable? How can I tell?

    Id prefer to eat them, if they are still fresh, but I don't want to crack into them and find a half formed chick
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    Please discard those eggs, they won't hatch are could be unsafe to eat. It's not worth getting sick for a few eggs.

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