Hen and 1 chick on the nest, still waiting for the other eggs to hatch

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    My broody just hatched one of four eggs about two days ago. Then the chick disappeared. There was a fresh egg on the nest, so I assumed that one of the other hens pushed the broody off the nest to lay an egg and most likely killed the chick.

    Later that day, I discovered the chick on the floor of the henhouse, cold as ice, but not pecked at all. I put her back under mom, and she's absolutely fine now![​IMG] (I also blocked off the nest box so the other hens can't get in there anymore) Now mamma hen is still waiting for the other three eggs to hatch. How long can that baby just stay on the nest with mom? Its going on three days now? Should I bring her in the house, or just leave her with mom?
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    just make sure mom and chick have access to food and water in the nest and they should be fine. At three days they need to be eating and drinking. If momma isn't making sure of it you may have to put them in a brooder. Good Luck and congrats on your hatchings.

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