Hen and 5 chicks


7 Years
Oct 24, 2012
DeKalb County, Alabama
What is my hen? We got her 3 weeks ago with her 5 chicks (3 black, a red/brown, and a yellow/white).. Maybe AmericanGame or mutt? and the last photo, is she an EE? Tell me what you think.

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She does look just like the photos I found of Golden Phoenix.... so it just dawned on me after seeing the photos of Golden Phoenix hens and chicks is that the yellow/white chick is probably her only "real" chick and the other's ( 3 black and the red/brown) are going to be surprises as to what they grow up to be!
The first one looks like a game hen to me, but a profile shot would help.

The last bird--the pic is wonky, does she have a crest? Or 5 toes? I'm just thinking silkie mix looking at her, I think cause of that comb...........a better pic would also help.
She has a big bump on her head for a comb and a lot of feathers on her head. She also has a lot of feathers that stick out around her ears and cheeks. She has a loose pocket under her neck that she can poof up really big. These photos i made tonight are not great I will try and get some better one's tomorrow. Yes she is sitting on my RIR. That is a first.


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