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    My question is how long wll a hen continue to give fertile eggs without a rooster..I've searched on google but everyone says its impossible they need a roo..but mine had a roo and they did their stuff but yesterday a dog from outside don't know how got to those birds they were the only outside at the moment and and killed the roo..does the hen need to keep at it with a male or is there a time window that she will still give out fertile eggs? Also is it true eggs kept at 55 degrees can be held on to for up to 6 days without losing fertility so I can put a batch in to incubate? Thank you

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    She will lay fertile eggs for two weeks, maybe three, from what I've read here. And yes, you should be able to save them several days then incubate. People have taken them out of the fridge and hatched them when they've lost their roo unexpectedly. Heck they've bought fertile eggs (Trader Joe's) at the grocery and gotten some to hatch. Sure worth a try. Good luck.

    You can always open one and find out, too:


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