Hen aprons not meant to be worn all the time


12 Years
Jul 22, 2008
South Central MA
At least according to Gail Damerow, and I think she makes her point....

They are better for a temporary use, as they make it impossible for a hen to preen properly for one thing.

Can hinder a real good dust bath.

Edges (esp. above the tail) could possibly abrade incoming feathers or impede new feathers coming in properly.

I wish like heck i could leave my roo with the girls all the time, but this would require my keeping all the girls suited up for the rest of their lives.................but hen aprons weren't made for that, it seems
They can be left on for awhile, but I do remove them periodically for the hen to dustbathe and have a break from the elastic around her wing joint. The feathers do seem to grow back under them fine, but you are correct, they cannot preen well with the saddles on constantly.

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