hen arent laying in nest box??


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Jan 19, 2011
I built a new bigger coop moved my chickens into it nice nesting boxes pleanty of roost poles plenty of room. Seems like I've given them too much or didn't make the boxes just right I don't know but, they are laying in the middle of the coop just barley in reach and one lays to where I can't kinda irratating. My question to all of y'all is how can I get them to lay in the boxes any ideas hints anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Put golf balls or a couple of fake eggs in the nest boxes where you want them to lay. Also, are you sure they can reach the boxes ok? Just a question in case they are having trouble getting inside the boxes.
They shouldn't have any problem getting in. The boxes are plenty big for one to get into I'm going to try fake eggs or golf balls. Mabe that will give them an idea.
Also, they like privacy -- just reading about this from another BYCer. Maybe an old scrap of cloth hanging partway down the front of the nests?
Should I wait till I get them to go in the nest first? I'd be affraid that might see it and not go thru it

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