Hen attacked

ChickenLittle 3

Feb 26, 2017
I went out to the hen house today to collect eggs and check on a broody hen and found one of my girls had been attacked I'm thinking it happened today maybe last night I dk what did it maybe the stray dog running about or some other predator she isn't beyond help but if anyone has any advice on treatment and how to clean the site I clipped a few feathers off with sissors but it isn't completely clean any help would be great for how to close the wound and such thanks
Sorry about your hen. Pictures of her wound may help. Normal saline, available at drug stores or just plain water and a kitchen fawcet are good for cleaning out a dirty wound. Then I would use Vetericyn wound spray or plain Neosporin/Polysporin/or Triple Antibiotic ointment twice a day. Dirty wounds may do better healing from the inside out, although a vet or medical person might help to stitch together a really large wound. Green skin may be common around a wound and is usually bruising. What other injuries does she have? Can you lock the coop at night?
Sorry I have more pictures but I'm having difficulty uploading them the wound is gashed open good I was going to sew it closed and there's maggots there so actually I dk when this happened to her I've tried cleaning them out with water but they're not coming she has a pretty deep hole I'll have to get some peroxide to boil them out I have microcynAH I've been spraying on her I'll have to get antibiotic ointment I have some but it's pain relief and someone told me not to use that I don't see any other injuries besides the gashes and missing feathers from her wings back they're all in a large coop I leAve it open and they mostly stay in the pen which is quite large but she's my escapee who free ranges there are spots where they can get out and if something wanted it could get in we will have to predator proof the pen better but as for (buck beak) the hen I believe once these maggots are cleaned out and she's dressed she'll be good she's tired right now I just hope I can sew this skin together and get her back to health soon she also had a soft busted egg she'll hanging from her rear which Im sure was hard for her to try and lay with the injuries
I have a hen with a similar gash from a dog attack earlier today, I've cleaned the area and applied some ointment around but not directly over the wound because it's so deep and I've wrapped a vet wrap bandage around her hoping to keep the wound closed, clean and dry. Looking for any advice on what else I should do for her and hoping that your hen also makes a speedy recovery.
I would mix some scrabbled eggs and yogurt in her diet for a while. Protein will help the healing as well also some vitamins to boost her immune system. As far as the wound, keep it clean, you will be surprised how quick they can heal and if treated properly. As a genersl rule, I don't sew anything over 4 hours old, especially if it has signs of infection (unless it exposes organs.)
Unfortunately my hen didn't make it I dk what happened after I cleaned the wound with peroxide and cornstarch to get the maggots out I picked her up out of the sink and she started flinging around then died maybe it was worse than I thought I hope u can save yours good luck

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