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    I spent about $35 on materials, spent three days building/painting and doubled the size of the hen house, so far not one of them has perched there. I put two new perches both 4' long and although there are signs that they have been walking on them in the morning before I let them out, there are no signs that they have been sleeping on the new perches. Last night, an hour after they cooped up and it got dark, I slipped out and opened up the back part of the new coop and not one hen was in there they were all gathered in the old part as usual.
    Am thinking of putting a small tv in the corner of the new coop, maybe they will gravitate over to watch Leno or Springer....
    Guess it's just new to them and may take a while before they take advantage.
    Go figure....
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    What is the new roost made of? If it's a round pole, that may be the reason they don't like it. 2 x 4s work great for roosts.
    Can you lock them in the new section for a few days? It can help to re-train their itty bitty brains.
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    Quote:Using 2x4's for the perch.....might be kind of tricky with the way the coop is set up to confine them to that side....it's just something new....eventually they will get on over there, in the meantime at least they have the option....I'm gonna make a little sign "NO Hens allowed!" and post it in the new section, they are females, that is bound to work, at least it does for my wife!!![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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