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    Apr 17, 2011

    I thought that one of my barried rock hens was molting loosing feathers around the neck. Today in the run she was being chases and pecked on the back of the neck. She is keeping to herself in the coop while others (6 hens) are out wher the feed and water is kept. What should I do, I m afraid she will starve' dehydrate or be pecked to death. Help please.

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    Is she the same age as the other hens? I had a non-egg laying hen in with my egg laying hens and the egg laying hens constantly chased her. She would hide out in a small structure in the run. I noticed that now she is laying, she seems to be one of the group. Even the rooster lets her stand next to him.

    Also, I have read and tried successfully, that if you know which hen is doing the picking, take the aggressor out of the group for a couple of days. This resets the pecking order, placing the aggressor at the bottom when you add her back into the flock. It forces her to make her way back up (and she may never be head hen again). Don't take the one being peck out, since you end up placing her at the bottom of the pecking order when you put her back in.

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