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Apr 18, 2014
This morning when I checked the chickens I noticed a bit of blood around the comb of one of my leghorn pullets. She is is in a coop/run with 13 other leghorns/RIR/etc. (all pullets of the same age, no roosters) The bleeding is getting worse over the course of the day and it seems the others are pecking at her. What should I do, separate her from the others for awhile? Since they are all the same age I do not think it is a pecking order thing. She otherwise seems healthy and is walking around and eating like the others, just gets bothered once in a while by the others.

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Separate her until she's healed up, they'll keep picking at it because they like the blood. Pecking order is probably starting to develop but maybe it started with an accident....
Thanks, I will separate her. While observing her I noticed she scratched her head a few times, anything I can do to limit/stop that?
When I separated her I inspected her head and comb and could not see where the blood was coming from, there is nothing major that I can see, where would it normally be coming from? The base of the comb?
Flour sprinkled on it will help it clot. Cover eyes and spray the injury with bluekote. She will have a bluish purple comb but will cover up blood and wound. Seperate her but in the coop in a dog crate so she hopefully won't lose place in pecking order and get harassed more when returned into flock.

Check the wound for a foreign body, I found debris (straw) in a comb injury once that kept it open to keep it bleeding. The leghorns I had were bullies and would harass anyone that had any speck of blood.
If it's hard to see anything I bet the base of the comb, it's so red it would be hard to see a wound. Probably just a little nick... I doubt you need a collar/cone if you can't see it should be small and heal fast.
I will have a blue headed leghorn for a while, but she is back to 100% with no signs of bleeding.

Yup that a punky blue kote chicken, bit early for Halloween may be normal color by then. Glad she is better. :)

When I have to spray a tricky small area, I use a paperplate, spray a puddle on the plate and apply it with qtips. On chicks I spray a papertowel and squish the towel on the chick's injury.

IF I get any on myself from a hole in glove, I use a kitchen dish scrubber, the kind with the rough on one side sponge on the other and dawn. Apply the soap to hand rub it in, let it soak for a minute then scrub with the rough to remove it from skin ridges on hands.

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