Hen bleeding from vent


5 Years
Apr 17, 2014
I have done a lot of reading on your website. About a month ago I came home from work to find one of my hens bleeding from her vent and dead from the other chickens. I read your website and found that she was either egg bound or had a prolapsed egg vent. Now I have another one with the same problem. I have cleaned her and given her a sitz bath. I used a few Epsom salts and warm water to loosen the matter around the vent. I applied honey and preparation H. I don't feel an egg and her vent is swollen. She has stopped bleeding but I have separated her from the flock. She is in a large dog carrier with nesting material and water. She is drinking but not very active. I covered it so that it was dark and calm in hopes of keeping her warm and not laying. Seemed to enjoy the bath. My questions are these;
How often should I bathe her?
How often should I apply the honey and prep H?
How long should she be separated from the flock?
Should I be doing something else?
What should I be feeding her?
She has swelling around the vent but no sac that seems to need to be pushed back in? I am new at this obviously.

I feed the flock Purina Layena Omega 3. I was told I don't need to feed them anything else so I don't. The eggs shells are very hard. I have been told that if I save her it will probably happen again and it can be a calcium deficiency or obesity. How do I know if my chickens are too fat? Do they need something else in their diet. Even in the winter I got 6 eggs from 6 chickens. Any advice will help.

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