Hen Breathing Heavy Please Help!!!

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    My one-year-old hen is breathing really heavily she is eating, pooping and drinking all fine but she is breathing heavy she went in about 9 o'clock today to lay her egg this morning and I checked it after she had laid it and I'm sure she laid it because the egg was wet! Then about half an hour later she kept on coming into the nest box and making a real noise so I put her back outside with her gang then she came back about five minutes later to go back in the nest box then she started making a racket again and then she flewl out of the nest box which is about 1 and a 1/2 m tall and I'm worried that she might be eggbound Her attitude is normal she is pecking the rest of the young girls away but her breathing is very heavy I only noticed it about an hour and a half ago please help as I am worrying !!!

    Many thank!!!
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    Jul 19, 2016
    Can you check for a egg?Rub your finger in Vaseline and slowly insert it into her vent and if your finger comes to a stop she is egg bound.

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