Hen broke her leg?

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    My dog escaped the house a week ago and attacked my chickens. One is missing and another was injured. Her leg seems really swollen on the top part where it meets her body. She also had a gash where my dog bit and the chickens are pecking. I separated her from the rest and she's in a warm place where she has limited amount of walking space. I'm not sure if she broke her leg. I am also not sure what to do about her leg; Do i put ice on it? Splint her leg and how?[​IMG] She's eating and drinking fine but limps.
    All help will be greatly appreciated. If you want a pic, please request. Thanks.
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    Continue to keep her in a warm, safe place. Take her to a vet, if you can. It sounds that the injury is in a place that is difficult to splint, the swelling certainly indicates an internal injury of some sort. If the chicken is eating and drinking, and you cannot take her to a vet, just keep her quiet and isolated from the rest. It may take a few weeks for her to heal up, and if it is broken bones, they may not mend properly. She may end up with a limp. Give her good quality food, high in protein.
    The gash should be cleaned with betadine tea or saline solution. Dry the chicken well afterwards.
    Rest, good food and water should help her in her recovery.

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