Hen cant walk? [HELP PLEASE!]


8 Years
Jun 21, 2011
So Im talking to a woman about trading 2 of my chickens for 3 of her large cages tomorrow, in the middle of the week she lost her Dutch Bantam rooster to a dog attack and then the past couple of days the hen has been unable to walk. she said she consulted an online vet an he said that leg paralysis is a symptom of about 10 different illnesses. He also believes that in losing the rooster and stressing the hen out, her resistance was lowered but everything about her is fine except she cant walk.. her owner has to feed her by hand since she cant reach the food but other then that the hen is fine! what could it be? the lady doesnt know if we should do the trade off just yet or not if the hen is sick (but no one else in her flock is sick) or if having the smaller birds im trading her would calm the hen down so she will recover faster. she also said she WAS able to take 2 or 3 steps today in the cage she has her in.. Im sorry if this is all over the place. I just got back from my daughter's 1st birthday party an I have a headache..
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Maybe a little more info could help - but my guess would be botulism. Vitamins and electrolytes for a long time, like two to three weeks. This is what I use, may not be what someone else uses and I really don't know by the info posted if this would be the correct diagnosis. Good luck
Here is all she told me in the email.

My hen has taken ill...she can't walk on her legs. I consulted a vet on line, and leg paralysis or partial paralysis is a symptom of about 10 different chicken diseases. He thinks that the stress from losing the rooster lowered her resistance. However, SHE is fine...her legs are the problem. I have been feeding her by hand and she gobbles everything I give her. I discovered today that she LOVES peaches. I am hoping that if I keep up caring for her that whatever it is will run its course and her legs will be good again. Actually today, she has been taking a few steps around the cage, but it is apparent that it is very painful to walk. If you have an idea how I could help her, let me know. I am wondering if I should take your birds right now because I don't know what my hen is afflicted with. No one else is sick. I think having them next to her would make her feel better and maybe speed recovery but I wonder if they would get sick too. What do you think?​
no the hen was contained. what happened was they had the run built but wasnt able to get the netting up on top, when she went in to feed them one morning the rooster flew out of the run an her dog mulled him before she could get out to get him.. so the hen stayed in the run the entire time..

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