Hen chasing only 2 of her 6 chicks…normal weaning process?


May 8, 2021
Hello! My Speckled Sussex recently started chasing and pecking at 2 out of her 6 chicks. They are 5 weeks old and I would suspect it is part of the weaning process, however, she is only chasing the two chicks that are white. Is this normal? She has been an excellent mother up to this point so I am hoping she will begin to do the same to the rest of the chicks so that it doesn’t feel like she is targeting only two of them. This is her first experience with hatching and raising her chicks. I have attached two photos for reference. Thanks in advance for any input!


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Just so you know the only pullet is the one it the far back of the first pic. The one in the second pic is female as well.
Yes we suspected that 4 out of the 6 are cockerels :( I just wasn’t sure why the mama hen is only chasing away 2 of the chicks (one suspected pullet and one suspected cockerel), but not all of them. Thanks for your input!

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