Hen & chick questions


5 Years
Jul 7, 2014
Ok, so first of all, can you let a hen free range with her chicks? I have ducks and other chickens too, will they hurt the chicks if allowed to roam? Also, when it rains, will the hen protect the chicks or will they just sit out in the rain and die of hypothermia? We don't have any coons, foxes, or other land predators, but I have seen and heard hawks and crows. Again, will the mother hen protect the chicks, or will the hen not do anything about it? Thank you.
I am pretty sure a mother hen will protect her chicks. My Dad when he was little had some fierce hens that would be protective. His hens would protect their young as much as they could. Hens will protect against other poultry (It might vary in some cases) and I would make sure I was around when they are out. Hawks will circle and the shadow they cast off, the chickens will react, and most likely look for shelter.
I agree with the above posts. I let momma free range with her chicks and I find that she rarely strays far from cover. We do have hawks, but I have never lost a young chick to either predation or attacks from other flock members. I have no experience with ducks - maybe posting your question on the duck forum would be helpful, as many duck peeps also keep chickens - https://www.backyardchickens.com/f/42/ducks


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