Hen chucking a fit whenever someone's in the nesting box


Jan 17, 2020
My hen hatched her babies 9 weeks ago, they're fully independent though she still seems a bit clingy on them. However, she is chucking an absolute FIT whenever her two sisters go to lay during the day. Literally standing at the bottom of the ramp screaming her head off. She's yet to lay since hatching but I have no idea what else could be causing this?
Broodies are ferocious, even after weaning chicks they can love to still throw their weight around. She may be going thru a hormone change prior to re-onset of lay.
Tho you're in the other side of the world where a broody might molt after weaning chicks.
She laid her first egg yesterday after her sister left the box. I actually had to lock her in there so she couldn't see the chicks, found out at least one chick would follow her while she was trying to lay and bothering her!

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