Hen constantly rolls all eggs out of nest and sits on them outside????

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    Dec 3, 2013
    Hi All,

    Recently we decided to give our broody Silkie 6 fertile eggs so she can fill her desire of motherhood. This is our first attempt of hatching fertile eggs and have noticed that she is now rolling all the eggs outside of her nest and coop everyday and sitting on them out in the open. This means i have to pick her and her eggs up every night and put them back in the coop where they will be safe and secure.

    Is this normal behavoir?
    Are the eggs still good or could they now be bad?

    Any comments will be appreciated.

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    Hi Johny.

    One method of keeping a broody where you want her is to at night put a board ( with holes for breathing ) over the front of her nest box. This will force her to stay and make it nice and dark an cozy.
    You may have to also keep it there for a couple more hours in the morning to make sure.

    If she continues just keep repeating, she will get it.
    I have had many hens sit somewhere I don't want them to so I use this method.

    Some people have a special broody box with a higed door as they like their broody's up near the house in their own pen.

    Good luck.

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