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  1. My son has another thread about this bantam rosecomb hen crowing, but here's another video of Rosie. She's 3 years old, the dominant hen and her grandpa was the Illinois State Fair grand champion crower!

    Could it mean anything is wrong with her? Lately she crows at her little coop window every morning about 05:20. I think her hormones are raging because two of our other hens are too broody, one has a 5 week old chick and another is about to hatch one. Rosie thinks SHE is the one and ONLY momma, we finally gave them each their own broody box for peace and quiet from Rosie BossyPants. She did this when the newest chick was about to hatch, too. Maybe there's hormones involved in hatches?

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    My hen crowed the other day, too! I was amazed - I'm sure it is a hen, she laid eggs, even a double-yolker. But she is the dominant and friendliest hen, too. Someone told me that hens don't crow - but my grandmother used to say "whistling girls and crowing hens, all will come to no good in the end". So there must be some evidence of crowing hens. But my grandmother was wrong ! I turned out great, and now I have a lovely hen that crows:lol:

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