Hen decided to go brood in the wrong place


Feb 26, 2018
So today I found out that my hen had actually made some form of nest from a pile of tree branches below a tree, she has a total of 12 eggs there and the hen has decided to become broody, We have a rooster so I think the eggs are fertile, I do not want to deter her from being broody, since the hen has decided to go broody outside of the coop I fear that predators will begin to attack her throughout the night, is it possible to move her with her nest in a new place? Or will it stop her from doing the brood process (her nest is purely just a stack of branches) currently I just surrounded her entire tree with a mesh fence with a 10x10ft space inside(although I’ve observed other hens sliding under the mesh fence and going in and out so a predator can actually get inside ) Should I be worried and try to move her nest?
Some will move others won't. I've had some luck putting the eggs in a crate or pen and adding the hen. Most eventually go sit on the eggs. Some refuse.
I'd move her somewhere safe.
She may not won't like it and and may not stay on the new nest.
But better than leaving her 'out in the wild'.
Prepare a good spot, maybe about 3x4', with a nest, feed, water, and a little walking around room.
Move her at night, well after dark with a dim headlight, grab her first so she doesn't bolt, then the eggs.

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