Hen died today

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9 Years
Jul 27, 2010
New Concord,Ohio
I went out to feed this morning a little later than usual to find one of my hens on her side and barely alive. I could see no signs of predators and their coop is very secure. I picked her up to bring her in the house and she died in my hands. I have had the birds since 4/15 last year (Day old hatchery chicks) This is the first one I have lost. I couldn't feel anything in her abdomen. Her crop was completly empty. I did not do a necropsy and my husband took her out to dispose of her. My chickens are well fed and cared for but not pets. The egglaying has slowed lately. Out of 20 RIRS I was getting only a dozen eggs a day.Last summer and fall I was getting 18. The hen was lowest on the totem pole and had her feathers picked on her head. I am wondering if the stress of constant harrassment from the rooster and the more dominant hens could have had something to do with it. I am keeping a close eye on everyone else to check for any symptoms. She was fine last night when I fed them and showed no signs of labored breathing, discharge or lethargy. Her vent was a bit prolapsed when I found her. any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
A guess, only -- there was some problem with her egg laying equipment, signaled by the prolapse. It may be that the others were picking on her because they knew something was wrong. Sorry this happened to you; it has happened to many of us. I would just watch the rest for other problems, at this point.
Also, you might want to look into having a necropsy done by the state if it happens again. This should be available for a reasonable fee if not free. Not sure how to go about finding out about this; my vet won't treat chickens, but told me if I ever needed help, he could tell me who to call.
Thanksddawn. Today was just one stressful day. I will call our county extension office if I have any more problems. Everyone else seemed fine tonight when I went out to feed. I checked everyone the best I could. You know the expression." Don't count your chicks before they hatch." You better count them before they hatch because its hard to count them when they are all running around. I put one in isolation tonight because she has a gash I think was caused by a rowdy roo. I gave her some yogurt and put antibiotics on the wound. It looks like it is at least a day old and already starting to heal. I'll check her in the morning.
Hello!!! An observation...I only have two hens due to a pecking order. So far so good! However, we also have two 75 gal aquariums. This is where I am going. Knowing that fish are very low in the food chain and possessing a pea size brain (if that) there is an on-going
system of mating, strength, hierarchy and food hoarding nontheless. We need to every now and again to move new/young fish from a tank and into another. ONE THING FOR SURE...if the fish are stressed by means of environment, crowding, fin nibbling...they stop eating and just die.
It is that simple. All the more so for animals. Having said that...we are vigilant on observing behaviors. Perhaps this will help you for the rest of your girls!

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