Hen doesn't seem to be able to open her mouth or be able to eat

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    May 23, 2016
    My 6 1/2 month old barred rock doesnt seem to be able to open her mouth, she will drink a little if i set her in front of the water but is not eating. She is sleeping most of the time barely moving around and the the red around her eyes and earlobes is turning white. I have had her since she was 2 wks old all my other hens are doing fine. Please help i dont want to have to put her down she is my sweetest girl
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    How are her poops?

    Do you see any wheezing, snotty beak, bubbly eyes, sneezing, or hear her having trouble breathing?

    When was the last time you wormed her and checked her for lice and mites (eggs around the vent)?

    Have you quarantined this chicken away from the rest of the flock?

    If she goes off water entirely, you may have to tube her to keep her hydrated.

    I would try tempting her with some mashed boiled egg and check her for lice/mites and maybe injury.

    Can she walk? Has she laid an egg yet? When was the last time she laid? Have you checked for egg binding?

    Are there any other symptoms or behavior leading up to this or was it totally sudden?

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