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    May 30, 2007
    BYC only offer! Conventional feeders are bulky, often unsanitary, and are unattractive. Here is an elegant food and water solution for the keeper of pet hens. 3 Quart Hen Drinker/Diner Kit features a nipple drinker and a mess free internal port feeder designed for large fowl chicken hens, adult bantams, and juvenile chickens 4 weeks and older. Not recommended for adult roosters with large combs that won't fit into the hole or baby chicks that can climb in. To feed, the bird puts its whole head into the port where a controlled layer of food is available. Will work with pellets or crumbles. No scratching food out of the bottle and no spillage out the front. A plug or cap can be placed on the outside of the feeder port to close it off at night for rodent control. The drinker is our favorite horizontal nipple system for clean water. Easily attach the bottles to any surface that you can install wood screws into. Adult birds learn almost instantly how to use this system.

    • Easy grip screw top lid
    • Metal mounting bracket to keep bottles clean and in place
    • Narrow space saving profile
    • Clearly visible food/water levels
    • Rodent control capabilities
    • Discourages theft from wild birds
    • BPA free food safe plastic
    • Good for indoor or outdoor use
    • Internal feeder port protects feed from rain

    30.00 for each kit (plus shipping) Please PM me to order. I'll need your zip code to give you a quote for shipping.

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