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    Jan 6, 2014
    Found my hen on the floor of the coop instead of on the roost with the other hens last night. Brought her in the house where I have her in a pet carrier. Her breathing is labored - she stretches her neck up and opens her mouth 1/3 of an inch for every breath. And, I can't see her tongue! I've been giving her droppers of two mixtures: one is cold-pressed olive oil with liquid garlic and the other is epsom salts dissolved in water. She ate two bites of cooked, cooled organic brown rice this morning, but will not drink on her own. Any advice? I'd really like to save her, of course.
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    Check her crop, poops, and vent.

    When one of my chicks had sour crop, her crop are bumpy even in the morning, and her poops are green and very stringy, which means some blockage inside her.

    Green and stringy poops are something else besides sour crop as well.

    When did she lay an egg last time? Is she pooping well?

    That you can't see her tongue is what I don't know... I hope some experts can help you out as soon as possible!

    If she doesn't drink, you can give her some water with sugar using a syringe.
    Kathy is very known how to tube feeding birds very well.



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    Can you take her to a vet? If not, you could try worming her with Safeguard and give her antibiotics.

    I would weigh her and give her .2ml - .5ml Safeguard per 2.2 pounds for 5 days.


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